1. Go to Polygon Central
  • Reports > Ordering Reports > Tattle VOC Export – SMS – Yesterday

Note: Make sure the “Created Date” is dated to yesterday

  • Download the report
  • Delete the duplicates and sort the numbers from smallest to largest
  • Copy the phone numbers


  1. Go to Burst SMS
  • Go to “Contacts” > New Contact List > Contact should be VOCtodaysdate

(E.g., VOC09032022) > Save

  • Go to “Upload” and paste the phone numbers
  • Untick “Reactivate previously deleted contacts”
  • Tick “I have permission to message these contacts”
  • Click upload
  • Click Import
  • Click Finish


  1. Go to “Send SMS” in Bust SMS
  • Choose the contact list you have created under “To”
  • In the templates, use the VOC

Note: Make sure you see the bit.ly link and the opt out link

  • Click Next and Send